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Dialog Windows

Dialog windows are small pop-up windows that are displayed when you use some of the Editor's functions like Find and Replace or Insert Image. The windows display various configuration options related to a particular feature and often give you access to more advanced settings.

As an example, the Find and Replace dialog window is presented below:

When a dialog window is open, the main editor window including the toolbar is blocked.

Depending on the options available for a particular feature, the dialog window may contain different elements. Some windows, like the Find and Replace pop-up presented above, may also contain tabs with additional configuration options.

Reopening a Dialog Window

Some dialog windows can be used to insert an element, such as an image or a table, into the document. After an element is added to the document, in most cases it can be edited at any time by right clicking on it to access the dialog box. The dialog window will re-open and you will be able to introduce changes to the element's configuration options.